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The increase in telegram channel and group members has a huge impact on how users value your business. We provide real, targeted and also offline members for your channel or group with the highest quality in the fastest possible way. In case you wonder, real members are added using unofficial Telegram forks users. Offline members are added using an special software that adds inActive users to channels and groups. And targeted members are invited from highly trending channels and groups. Simply make your order using the boxes below and pay with bitcoin or Paypal. Contact Support in case you have any questions.

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Real Telegram Members

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What is Telegram?

Telegram is an instant messaging application developed by Telegram LLP, founded by Pavel Durov. Telegram client applications are available for all platforms. Telegram members are able to send messages, photos, stickers, videos, audio and files. Telegram doesn’t encrypt end-to-end communications by default. You have to enable Secret Chats manually by yourself or chats will be stored on Telegram’s servers, which are located in different locations around the world. The data transfered between the application and servers and data saved on these servers is also encrypted.

Why do we need to buy telegram members ?

Planning to buy telegram channel subscribers or telegram group members is one of the ways to promote your channel or group. There are of course other ways around like advertising in large channels or groups or renting ad banners in high traffic websites. But to buy telegram members, offline or real is a way to increase the channels reputation by increasing the total number of subscribers or members that is of course an important factor in how much your content is respected for users.

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