Telegram TON and how it works

Telegram is a famous messaging service similar to WeChat, line and WhatsApp. Its applications links to a users mobile phone number to make an account and contacts are mechanically imported from the Smartphone's address book.
What can I use telegram for?
Telegram is primarily a private messaging application used for sending direct messages between individuals. The official telegram applications can also be used for little or big groups conversations with up to 100,000 users being permitted in a group at any one time. Further to test messages, Telegram users can also send videos, images, zip files and Word documents. Telegram users can make Telegram channels which acts as a social media accounts that any person can follow. The creator of a Telegram account can post anything to it while those that pick to follow it will get each update as a new message in their Telegram application.
Is there a Telegram Cryptocurrency?
There is a Telegram digital currency planned for launch in late 2018-19. The cryptocoin unit will be known as Gram, it will be powered by Telegram owns blockgain, the TON or Telegram Open Network. Telegram TON will be used to enable fund transfers between Telegram application users will also permit for the selling of services and products. Unlike Bitcoin, which is powered by proof-of-work mining, the blockchain TON will trust on proof-of-stake, a technique of mining that is backed by holding digital currency on PC rather than trusting on expensive mining rigs. Gram will be listed on all big cryptocurrency exchanges and is guessed to make a quite a stir into the crypto community as its launch will essentially turn all hundred million plus Telegram users into digital currency holders. Telegram TON creators will build light wallet in Telegram. It will work on mobile gadgets without downloading the full blockchain, and only users will save the private keys. Among other things, users will be capable to pay for applications services with digital currency Gram, hide the IP addresses and identity, bypass the blocking of sites (TON Proxy), save data (TON storage), and register domain addresses.
What is Telegram X?
Telegram X is an official Telegram experiment that is aiming to fully redevelop the Telegram applications from the ground up with more quicker and efficient coding. Interested users can try the Telegram X applications on Android and iOS gadgets.

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