Telegram Bots

Telegram is an amazing home for customer-facing bots, with over 200,000,000 active monthly users and a yearly growth rate of fifty percent. It is a platform that your audience might already use, which decreases friction and attracts adoption. Plus, making bots for Telegram is super simple.
What is a bot? An internet bot, or a chat is an interactive piece of program that runs repetitive and easy automated tasks over the internet. This is aided in part with AI for a more human-like interaction with people.
What do bots do? Both simplify internet transactions by making it unnecessary to leave your current application to search for online content. Bots can permit you order for read highlights, check the weather, translate text, shop, etc. Botstores with 1000s of bots to pick from have set up on Telegram, Facebook, Kik, Slack and Line to mention a few. Their functionality is yet basic but still helpful.
How to use telegram bots Telegram was one of the primary applications to have a botstore and is credited for popularising bots. Users can act together with the bots by sending them messages, inline and commands requests. Or better yet, you can develop your very own bot if you know how to. Here are some of the most helpful bots on Telegram in no particular order:
YouTube bot Whoever you need to deliver whoever you are chatting with a YouTube video, in the chat box, just write @YouTube, leave a space and write the name of the video you would like to share. YouTube bot will present you a bunch of video you can click on and deliver. You do not have to leave this app at any one time during this procedure.
Stickers Stickers are without a doubt the best thing on messaging applications right now and no one's does it amazing than Telegram. The process of hoarding your own set of stickers has been somewhat vague up until now. All you have to perform is write @Stickers and then search via your emoji for a face you want a sticker. The Telegram stickers bot takes it from there, bringing some amazing new stickers.
Telegram store You can access the bot within the Telegram application but we advise doing it in your website browser for faster navigation. More bots are included daily and old ones improved upon. Telegram recently released Bot 2.0 update which introduced fresh specs such as location-based services and capability to send any content such as Videos, MP3, Documents and Animations. Pre-set buttons can also be used to react to the bot as opposed to trying out instructions.

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