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Telegram Tips For iCO

The ICO community loves Telegram, it has become the go-to talk channel for upcoming ICO communities. Before using Telegram as a tool for ICO marketing, you need to read these tips we have gathered from our experience working with ICOs and pioneering creative Telegram marketing services. Tips are also relevant for trading signal groups, ICO-trading groups, and just about anyone to run a flourishing community on Telegram.

People do not like reading Most Telegram users have joined a lot of groups, this means there is a continue barrage of messages that people just do not have the time to read. Which is why it is vital to repeat vital messages, alerts or news many times in a Telegram ICO group to ensure it reach as much of your audience as possible, especially new members that may have missed vital messages from before.

Monthly/weekly quizzes Quizzes or any activity that can be rewarded and produces engagement is a must for marketing a Telegram ICO group. If users are not engaged by the content or talk being shared in a group, nothing is stopping them from leaving. Putting a pretty effort into making quizzes for your audience helps maintain a highly engaged community.

Always keep your community updated Telegram is a discussion channel, therefore use it as such. Interviews, conferences, technology updates, blogger reviews, all these things begin talks and bring valuable feedback from the community, so ensure you do not miss a chance to share with your community.

Using Telegram bots for airdrops and bounty is a must There are so many jobs involved in marketing an ICO, so why not save time wherever you can? Telegram bots can save huge amount of your admits time. Some of the tasks these bots can automate contain: Following up with bounty participants on continue tasks Registering bounty participants Assigning bounty tasks mechanically Collecting finished tasks through files in chat Begging your Telegram group audience Sad but true, it happens. Some ICOs have been famous to private message their Telegram members asking them to invest. This will not bring outcomes. It looks pathetic and reduces the worth of your project in the eyes of investors - never ask your admins to do it.

These tips should turn a mediocre ICO telegram group members into a very engaged Telegram community, believe us, your users will become very loyal if you take the important steps to engage - interact - update and feedback.


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