How to boost your telegram group in 30 days!

In this article we will give you some hints on growing your Telegram group.

Always have an admin online in your group

Having an admin always online in your telegram group is an important factor in maintaining a vivid and successful group. Because the admins are there to welcome and guide new members, answer members' questions and also to lead the conversations going on the group. Also the admin will monitor the group for any irrelevant, spammy, adult content posted in the group and will take action immediately.

Use anti-link and anti-spam bots

If admins can not be online all the time to mange and monitor the group, it's a good idea to develop or ask someone to develop an admin bot for you. The bot can have features like welcoming new members, deleting links, deleting irrelevant medias.

Grow your group by advertising or buying members

Real organic growth in a Telegram group could take almost months or years to happen so you could boost this process by asking other channel's or group's admins to charge you and instead, advertise your group in their own! Another way is to buy telegram members for your group. The members can be offline/fake just to make the group look bigger and to attract new comers or they could be real targeted to bring engagement to the group.

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