Buy Telegram Members (2021 Update)

why should we buy telegram members?

In case you own a Telegram group and a channel and want to boost its members count, you have the option to buy telegram channel subscribers or telegram group members. having a large amount of members has a very good impact on attracting new members that come across your channel or group. Obviously the larger your channel or group is, the higher the chance it is seen in the search and thus grow better and quicker.

how should I buy telegram members?

Depending on the the package you need there are various packages that are available for boosting your Telegram channel or group.
Buy telegram channel subscribers here if you want to add offline (bots) or real members to your channel. the service pricing starts from 1$ and it is possible for us to add up to 1,000,000 subscribers to a channels.
Another available package is for buying offline group members. after buying this package, we will start adding offline (bot) accounts to your group. this will help to boost the number of your group members very fast in couple hours! Of course the members are not active and will not interact in the group.
In case you need to buy targeted Telegram members for your crypto, ICO or any other kind of groups, we provide the package with a reasonable price. It is possible to add up to 200,000 real targeted members to a group. The method we use is totally safe and guaranteed so you do not need to worry about any limitations or ban from Telegram.

what are the payment methods available for buying telegram members?

We provide the option for your to buy telegram members with bitcoin, ether, USDT or any other crypto. There are also other payment methods available such as Paypal, Perfect Money, WebMoney and Skrill. To get the payment addresses simply Contact Support or visit HomePage to get more info.

Author: Amin Etesamian


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