Effective Tips and Strategies to Promote your ICO

Initial Coin Offering, usually known as ICO is the way entrepreneurs raise funds for a cryptocurrency project. Early investors can purchase into the offering and receive the new cryptocurrency token issued by that company.

2017 was the breakthrough year for cryptocurrencies where over $5.6 billion was raised which is 58 times higher than 2016 which 96.3$ million was raised from ICO projects.

Not every ICO is a success story though; ICO’s are quickly turning into a multi-billion-dollar industry and this illustrates the tight competition happening around it. This leaves no room for mistakes while promoting your ICO. It is best if you start by making a good first impression.

1. Design an Attractive Website

Since your website is going to be the first representative of your ICO, it needs to be designed in a way which is easy to understand, provides as much information as possible and easy to navigate. Try to keep it simple since a lot of unnecessary information is just going to drive the visitors away and hurt your ICO marketing.

2. Have Transparency

Providing lots of information about your project and updating your newsletter regularly creates trust while promoting your ICO.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media is a perfect tool for you to reach out to your target audience, build trust among them and promote your ICO campaign with the right way of communication. Some of these platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora Channels and specialized forums.

4. PR and Media outreach

A wide range of public relations outreach comes after you have your website ready. The most effective way to give your ICO project a large outreach is through press release. Hiring a PR and media outreach agency would be the best way to handle this if you have a budget around $50,000 for your ICO marketing. Although, there are several top-tier websites that you can approach to publish your press releases which are the cheaper options available.

5. Bounty Programs

ICO bounty programs are becoming a core part of ICO marketing strategy; at the same time, it can go wrong so easily. Giving so little incentive or reward can make you not optimizing your campaign and too much reward can make your ICO look like a scam. These free tokens earned by people can raise awareness around your project but it should be strongly controlled.

6. Listing your ICO

There are specific websites either free or with a fee which you can have your ICO listed. These sites provide your ICO with high coverage and exposure.

7. Buy telegram members ICO

Another way is to ask us to provide crypto targeted investors for your Telegram group. The service to buy telegram members ico is 100% guaranteed and safe to use.

Your key to success would be targeting your audience and then using a mixture of different marketing strategies to promote your ICO. Seeking services from an ICO advisor is always the best option; since due to the competition happening in this industry there is a fine line between success and failure.