Stop buying fake members! Start exporting members from your competitor group!

The Story of Fake Members!

At the start of Telegram members market, sellers started creating accounts from virtual numbers and added to channels and groups. 

Soon the process got faster using automated scripts and today its possible to add a huge bulk of fake members in a single day. But the excitement is now over! fake members are not brining us clients or sales or engagement. And we need to bring in real people who actually do something for us!

How to bring in real telegram members?

Lets talk to an authentic Telegram big channel/group owner and ask him to advertise our content and bring in real members! But wait, the costs are not going to be low and the outcome may not be desirable since there is an oceantic number of groups and channels out there and members will only join a few of them.

Organic growth is always the true and most professional method to grow but wait a minute, we can't really afford to wait that long time to build it and wait for them to come!

How to add members from another group to your own

So let's do things much faster and take members from a similar or competitor's group! But how?

You could hire us to do it for you! Buy Telegram Members ICO and watch us take all real and active members from your competitor to your own group.

Or do it yourself!

Let's go deep into technicals a little bit!

Telethon is an awesome Telegram python client that gives you full access to Telegram API. So what?

Our team have created a bug-free script that let's you export, filter and add members from any group to your own group.

You can message my Telegram account If you want to learn to use telethon.

Author: Amin Etesamian


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