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  • > Members Are Offline/Bot/Fake Accounts
    > Members Drop Rate is 0%
    > Free refill for 60 days!
    > Members Will Not Interact in the Group
How does this service work?

We have created so many offline (fake) telegram members and we are able to add them to any group instantly. So if you want your group to grow very fast you can purchase this package and see massive growth in your group's member's count in less than couple hours! Having a large telegram group also helps with attracting real Telegram members because it will generate credit and popularity for your Telegram group.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What if the members drop?

    We offer free refill for 60 days!

  • How long does the delivery take?

    Depending on the order's volume, it takes from 1 minute to 1 day to deliver the order.

  • Is this method safe?

    Since members are offline and are unable to report the group, this is totally safe to purchase this package.

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Importance of Having A Huge Telegram Group

Are you looking for the most reliable platform to buy Telegram group members? It is always challenging to develop a community big enough to break out of obscurity and pass the barrier beyond which people would be comfortable enough to remain around your Telegram group. This is the case with all social media platforms that are now in existence. The final result is that you create a group and then observe it while it remains vacant. And, as ironic as it may seem, you need more members to expand your membership in order to have more members. Do not despair. There is a way out of this spiral that you can take. You have the option of purchasing members for your Telegram groups via Telmemeber.


It is incredible to see how quickly Telegram started to accelerate the strategy of promotion groups. This messenger is now more than simply a method of communication; it has evolved into a gathering place where information is disseminated, products are traded, and services are provided. This is the primary consideration behind the concept of purchasing Telegram users at a discount.


Buy Telegram Group Members; How Many People Will Satisfy You

If you want to utilize a paid service for the company, you can run into the conundrum of how much you should pay for the subscription. There is not one single correct solution. It doesn't matter what number you choose. Any number of accounts added to your group will have a favorable effect on the group as a whole. This activity will most surely be beneficial to any group or channel. If someone is hesitant about purchasing members, they might begin by following the activities of fifty individuals. In addition, we have a group of regular customers who, on a monthly basis, buy one of our Telegram group members packages sufficient for at least one thousand users.

Why Buy Telegram Group Members?

Telegram group members are users who have joined your group on Telegram and contributed to the growth of your community. If you want to start a business on Telegram, one of the most vital factors - actually the first step - is to increase the number of members in your group as quickly as possible. This is because when actual members check out your channel or group, they should see that a large number of members are already there and have trusted you.



We believe that there are a few clear justifications for purchasing Telegram group members. When you come across a person on any social media platform, regardless of the platform, you are going to immediately develop a presumption about that user based on the number of followers they have. The bigger the number of Telegram users they have, the more valuable you consider them to be. You are going to immediately correlate their Telegram channel's member count with authority, credibility, value, and popularity. This is going to be dependent on the number of people who are subscribed to it. 

Services Telmemeber Provide For You

Since we already have created such a large number of offline Telegram members as fakes, we are able to add them to any group you want instantaneously. Therefore, if you want your group to expand extremely quickly, you can choose one of our packages, and you will observe a significant increase in the number of members in your group in less than a couple of hours! 

Since it will create credit and popularity for your Telegram group, having a considerable Telegram group - in terms of members - is helpful in recruiting actual Telegram users. This is because having a large Telegram group will draw more attention. To buy Telegram group members, you may choose one of our packages below:



Telmemeber; Buy As Much As Telegram Group Members You Want

If you want to succeed with your Telegram group and differentiate yourself from the other users on the platform, you are going to need all of these tricks on your sleeve. The ability to improve your image with other Telegram users is unquestionably beneficial, and it is something that you won't want to pass up. 

When it comes to your intended audience, boosting your attractiveness by adding Telegram group members to your account is a fantastic approach. Do it in a manner that is both long-lasting and immediate. Since popularity fosters popularity, going on this path will give you a far better chance of attracting the attention of the people that you are attempting to target. Telmemeber is precisely where you are able to buy as many as Telegram group members to increase your group's popularity.

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