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Service Features
  • > Members Are Offline/Bot/Fake Accounts
    > Members Drop Rate is Around 1% Daily
    > Members Will Not Interact in the Group
How does this service work?

We have created so many offline (fake) telegram members and we are able to add them to any group instantly. So if you want your group to grow very fast you can purchase this package and see massive growth in your group's member's count in less than couple hours! Having a large telegram group also helps with attracting real Telegram members because it will generate credit and popularity for your Telegram group.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long does the delivery take?

    Depending on the order's volume, it takes from 1 minute to 1 day to deliver the order.

  • Is this method safe?

    Since members are offline and are unable to report the group, this is totally safe to purchase this package.

Buy Offline Telegram Group Members
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  • No Admin Rights!
    No Passwords!
    24/7 Support!
    100% Safe!
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Thanks for the fast delivery

Awesome job man!


Thanks for the fast reply and good service!

Please send finish screenshot to my account

good support and job. thanks

thank you so much sir

appreciate the effort. will order soon again!

what is the drop rate?


can I make my channel private again after buying?

is it risky if I buy more?

Thank you so much sir for the service and delivery.

Happy with the service