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The more real and active members you have, the more likely it is for new member to join your ICO group. Increasing the number of telegram ICO group members is one of the concerns of telegram groups executives that can boost your ICO. Telegram has been the house to new and well-known ICO's and nowadays almost all of the ICO's have a large telegram group or want to have one. So if you are an ICO holder, you need to start creating a group and start inviting telegram members to your ICO now. We are here to help by inviting targeted ICO members to your group. you might be wondering how some groups grow up to 200,000 members. although growing a large group takes so much time and effort like you will have to manage your group or hire someone to do that like 24/7. the management includes answering members' queries, pinning good messages, removing spammy and adult content and so many other small but import actions. although some people develop or buy bots for managing groups but the rule of a good admin is never to be neglected. but what should we do to grow fast? of course a good management is an essential factor in group growth but that doesn't bring us members very fast. this is why group owners decide to buy members. because you will manage to group your group in a very fast way. our company provides telegram group owners with the opportunity to buy ICO targeted members. By targeted we mean that you could target any niche or country you want and we will bring you members according to the filters you have provided!

Having been the leading seller in the market for the past 3 years, we started building our Telegram member software and hired experts for the tech and the customer support so our clients will make the most out of the budget that they allocate to growing their Telegram group. If you compare our prices with other sellers, you find out that we provide the best prices in the market as we do the services ourselves and we do not rely on a third-party, affiliate or reselling program. Our 24/7 online support guarantees that you are always aware of your order's progress. Our team is backed by senior expert python programmers that always assure us that the tech system is up to date and running. you could also talk to our tech section if you have any technical difficulties or inquiries.

The company is located in Dubai so you could also arrange a meeting if you be interested in a written contract. Our payment policies are set for paypal, webmoney and BTC. For using other payment methods you can contact our support team.

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