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  • > Members are 100% real and targeted
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How does this service work?

ICO Telegram group members are invited from popular ICO groups. To be more clear, we target any group you want and will invite it's active and real members into your own group! In the past couple years, almost every ICO has dedicated a significant budget for promoting itself on the Telegram platform. And it is obvious that the level of the group member's activity has a great impact on how the upcoming investors react to the ICO's motivation.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long does the delivery take?

    Depending on the group's age and its member's count, Its safe and organic-alike to invite 100-300 members to your ICO group daily.

  • Is this method safe?

    3 years of experience in this market and full knowledge of Telegram API details, make us proficient in the adding process, allowing us to work on any group 100% sure of its safety!

  • How do we make sure members are real?

    We have developed scripts that filters members based on their last seen activity and ignores members that have been offline for a specific amount of time. This process is totally customizable and you can ask us to make the filtering stricter or more easygoing!

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What Is Telegram Targeted Or ICO Members?

To buy Telegram targeted members, you are in the best spot. You may invite members to your group who are interested in cryptocurrency (or any other niche market) using our Telmemeber one-of-a-kind method. After you have finished placing your purchase, this package will let you obtain the ICO members in one of two ways: The first way is for us to personally reach out to members of the official groups who are interested in your specific niche market and encourage them to join your group. 


The second option is that you tell us the ICO group that you want us to target (referred to as the "Target Group"), and we will then add members from the whole group before inviting the active members of that particular group to join your Telegram group. Take note that this strategy is intended for growing the size of groups and will not work for expanding Telegram channels.


Why Should You Buy Telegram Targeted Members?

Consider what follows: You are the owner of a young business in Silicon Valley, and you have an excellent idea for a revolutionary cryptocurrency system. You may decide to update the way that parents and babysitters are paid so that it may be done securely and digitally. What a fantastic concept! We'll call it BabeCoin from now on. The one and the only challenge is that before you can really manufacture the cash, you need donations from other individuals. 

What if there was a method to get money without giving up any of your ownership in the company? You could go to a bank or try to get investors from venture capitalists. This is the way things work. You create a document that essentially describes in detail how the system would operate (this kind of document is sometimes referred to as a white paper), you design a website that is appealing, and you provide justification for why it's an excellent idea that may be pretty helpful. The next stage is for you to ask others to give you money, often in the form of Bitcoin or Ether, but you are also free to take fiat money, and in return, you will send them some BabeCoin. 


They are pretty optimistic that BabeCoin would be widely used and circulated, which would both help to raise the value of the money. It is important to remember that participating in an initial coin offering (ICO) will not give you ownership of the company you are supporting financially, unlike an initial public offering (IPO). By paying cash for the currency that is now worthless in the hopes that its value will increase in the future, enabling you to benefit from this transaction, you are taking a risk.

The More You Buy Telegram Targeted Members, The More Trust You Will Gain

If you operate a cryptocurrency group, the more subscribers you have, the more trust other users will have in your group. For instance, if you have developed a signal channel and want to promote it, and the number of your members is 30, only a few people will trust you. However, many new users will trust you enough to join if you already have 10,000 subscribers to your group. Our packages to buy Telegram targeted members are listed below:


Where are Targeted Telegram Members Coming From?

You can quickly obtain decent search results using search engines like Google since all Telegram groups and channels are indexed. Finding Telegram groups is relatively straightforward when utilizing the Telegram search feature. Any form of the group may be analyzed to determine which members were online during the most recent three days, and we can then integrate those people into your own group. For instance, if you require members who have an interest in initial coin offerings (ICO), the first thing you should do is locate one or more telegram groups that are linked to ICO. After that, we will get their online members and add them to your existing group membership roster. 

When you buy Telegram targeted members via Telmemeber, bear in mind that since these individuals are all human, they are free to make their own choices about their participation in your group at any moment. But you shouldn't be too concerned since prior studies have shown that the percentage of members leaving your group as a result of using this strategy is very low, and the vast majority of these people will continue to be a part of it.



Telmemeber; Increase Your Telegram Targeted Members

One of the most cutting-edge approaches to internet marketing is to establish a group on Telegram. Telmemeber is designed with a thoughtful approach and puts a robust tool in your hands, allowing you to automate anything. Telmemeber gives you the ability to construct substantial Telegram groups so that you may advertise your goods and services there. If you need to develop a discussion group that is relevant to your company, you should be aware that the more you buy Telegram targeted members, the more people will trust you. You are welcome to pay the cost via your Credit Card, Paypal, or even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

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