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How does this service work?

ICO Telegram group members are invited from popular ICO groups. To be more clear, we target any group you want and will invite it's active and real members into your own group! In the past couple years, almost every ICO has dedicated a significant budget for promoting itself on the Telegram platform. And it is obvious that the level of the group member's activity has a great impact on how the upcoming investors react to the ICO's motivation.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long does the delivery take?

    Depending on the group's age and its member's count, Its safe and organic-alike to invite 100-300 members to your ICO group daily.

  • Is this method safe?

    3 years of experience in this market and full knowledge of Telegram API details, make us proficient in the adding process, allowing us to work on any group 100% sure of its safety!

  • How do we make sure members are real?

    We have developed scripts that filters members based on their last seen activity and ignores members that have been offline for a specific amount of time. This process is totally customizable and you can ask us to make the filtering stricter or more easygoing!

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