How to rank first in Telegram search engine results

Probably, you are here because you are tired of trying everything and not showing up in Telegram search results! (September 2023 update included)

In this article we will list the criteria by which Telegram algorithm ranks channels and groups in global search.

1. Channel Premium Subscribers Count

Due to the latest Telegram update on September 2023, channels and groups with the most number of premium users are now more likely to appear in search results. Creating useful content is a great way for attracting premium and also real users to your channel. You can also try a faster way and buy Telegram premium channel subscribers to help you appear and rank better in the search results.

2. Channel Title

You need to optimize your channel title so it will match the keyword you are trying to rank for. For example, if you're trying to rank for "buy shoes", you need to have "shoes" in your title for the ranking algorithm to better crawl your channel.

3. Channel Description

The channel description is probably the most important ranking factor in Telegram search algorithm ranking factors. You need an in-detail description that covers the keywords that you are intending to rank for.

4. Channel Age

Channel age is also one of the important factors in ranking for a keyword on Telegram global search results. Obviously, the older the channel, the more likely it is to appear in search results.

5. Channel Content Relevancy

Your channel content (posts) must be relevant to the keyword you are trying to rank for. For example if you want to rank for the keyword "pet shop", you must have posts about the same thing in your channel.

6. Channel Regular Content Update

In order for the channel to appear charming to Telegram ranking algorithms, you must update the content of your channel regularly. It means you need to post good content everyday and do it regularly, showing off an updated channel and content to the users and the algorithms.

7. Channel Subscribers Count

Since the update on September 2023, subscribers count is no longer a factor for appearing in the search results. Telegram now ranks those channels that have the most number of Telegram Premium users.

8. Channel Subscribers Nationality

The nationality of your subscribers plays a huge role on your search appearance. As an example, if the majority of your subscribers are from a specific country, you are more likely to rank higher on that country search results.

9. Keyword Competition

Last but not least, keyword competition is something to take into consideration seriously, as you might apply all the above rules into practice and still have a hard time ranking because your keyword has high competition. For high competition keywords, you need to be patient and also keep creating good content (post) regularly to see the optimal result after quite some time.

Author: Amin Etesamian


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