How to Make Money on Telegram-3 Foolproof Strategies

Telegram can make you thousands of dollars each month by just a little patience and continous effort and focus on your money making strategy.

Here we will list three strategies by which you can start making money on Telegram messaging app.

1. Group and Channel Member Reselling

There are countless groups and channels on Telegram and their admins are continously looking for ways to boost their members counts. Many of the admins choose to buy members for their channels and groups and this makes a great opportunity for sellers and resellers to make money. You can contact us and ask to be a reseller and get a good discount from us and start making good money after a while.

2. Running people's ads on your Telegram channel

In case you have a large channel on Telegram, you could set pricing with different packages specifications and allow people to advertise their content on your Telegram channel. You could of course charge people based on the content and duration of the advertisement.

3. Managing a group as online store

There are many Telegram groups running as onlines stores (shops, reselling products, used products, etc) in which the admin can make good profit by selling items or promoting other people's digital or physical products.

Author: Amin Etesamian


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