Why is Telegram the Best Platform for ICO Marketing and How to Actually Use it for Such Purpose

Thinking about digital marketing, the first social networks that come in mind would most probably be Facebook and Twitter; but in the case of ICO marketing, they do not seem to be the best platforms since they have both either banned or restricted ads related to this matter. On the other hand, Telegram seems to have provided a suitable platform for ICO marketing.

Telegram is a Russia-based multi-platform messaging service which has emerged as the most important marketing platform for ICOs. In 2018, $1.7B worth of funds was raised through this app. Telegram offers several features such as channels and groups which are great for disseminating information about an ICO or possible future ICOs. Groups get populated initially with bots, which attracts real individuals who follow soon after. According to coinmarketcap.com, the average number of members in Telegram channels is 13,077 per ICO and the median is 8,632.

Being able to easily build a community around your ICO is one of the advantages of Telegram. You can connect with other users through their public and searchable profile or their already existing account from your contact list. Another advantage would be being able to reward users for operating your project.

Data protection and privacy is another crucial difference Telegram has over other messenger apps. This app has no end-to-end encryption except for secret chats. This means a normal message send via Telegram is not end-to-end encrypted. Telegram stores backups in their own servers and does not use any third-party services.

Putting your audience (potential investors) on hold for a long time is never a good idea. Replying fast and making the response time as short as possible creates trust among investors by showing that your project is an active one.

Try to choose consistency before frequency. Making sure your investors will come back is the key to success with Telegram. Preparing a FAQs list and pinning it to the group so all viewers have access to it at any time will prevent a lot of repeated questions. Getting help from a professional (community manager) can help you get through any crisis that might happen way easier.

Exciting your potential investors is a good way to make your group known and to improve your mood. It helps engaging your group members more and better in your project and give out rewards.

Try to use your Telegram community to generate some good news and excitement to prevent a price drop in the post-sale phase, since news serve as a catalyst and can bring drastic changes in the price.

Telegram can be a place to find your loyal and future investors if you develop the right strategy for your ICO marketing. Do your own research before taking action since the competition around ICOs are strongly tight and there is no room for mistakes.


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