Why Should we Stop Using WhatsApp and Start Using Telegram Instead

WhatsApp and Telegram are instant messaging platforms for easy and quick communication.

WhatsApp was incorporated in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, both former employees of Yahoo!; it hosts a range of features such as voice messaging, document sharing tool, sending pictures and videos, stickers, GIFs and etc.

Telegram was launched in 2013 by brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov, who previously founded the Russian social network VK, but had to leave the company after it was taken over by Mail.ru Group.

WhatsApp has the most users out of all the messaging platforms with two billion active users in over 180 countries and it is a known fact that the majority of the smartphone users are WhatsApp users as well; then why should you stop using it?

There are several advantages Telegram holds over WhatsApp which are listed bellow:

Unlimited server storage

Telegram provides unlimited storage which means all the text messages, images, media files and documents will be saved on their cloud.

Searchable username

Finding users off their username in Telegram provides the opportunity to communicate with anyone even if you do not have their contact numbers by ensuring the privacy of the user’s contact number.


A channel is somewhat similar to groups, which can accommodate an unlimited number of members. The creator of the channel decides who can post while others are just able to view the content.

Secret chat

Telegram provides a kind of end-to-end encrypted chat in which you can set a timer and after the time you put ends, the messages will automatically get deleted.


There are several bots functioning for different matters such as image bot, music bot, GIF bot and sticker bot, which is a small AI and machine learning program.

Capacity of group member number

As of today, 200,000 members can be supported in a group by Telegram. This number is a maximum of 256 members for WhatsApp.


Privacy it is probably the most controversial topic going on around these two messenger apps.

WhatsApp releasing its new update to its terms and service on February 8, 2021, caused millions of users to move to other apps such as Telegram and Signal. The new terms and service claimed that the users’ data will now be shared with Facebook which did not make the users happy and because of this, Telegram has gained 25million new users over the first weeks of January, pushing its user base over the 500 million mark when the news initially came out.

On the other hand, Telegram offers several security and privacy services such as passcode and face ID, two-step verification and choosing who can see your number, profile picture, who can call you or even add you to groups and channels. Telegram supports proxy servers that lets the users hide their IP address. ‘Delete my account’ timer is another feature Telegram offers which allows you to delete your account if you do not use it actively for an extended period of time.

Do your own research and try to read the terms and privacy of any platform before hitting the ‘accept’ button to prevent unpleasant experiences.

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