How to Promote a Telegram Channel and Group

Telegram introduced channels in September 2015. Channels are a one-way form of communication where only admins are able to post messages and other members can only observe them. These channels are becoming more and more popular among Telegram users every day and that is due to the benefits they carry with themselves. It does not matter if you are a business owner and want to do marketing for your product or an artist who wants to share his/her art with others, these channels are a good option for you since it makes you able to reach your audience and achieving high engagement for your content. Today the most popular Telegram channels have more than 3 million subscribers. There are ways to promote and grow your channel in a large way that it is better to consider while making one. Telegram offers free and paid ways to promote a channel.

First of all, choose a unique, short and brandable name for your channel. When making a channel, you can add 200 people from your contacts for free. Once you reach the 200 limit, the possibility is automatically turned off. But you can still share the link of your channel in private chats and other apps as well. Mentioning your channel as often as you can with your audience in your social media will be a good boost of members for your channel. Try to make a channel good enough for your subscribers so they would mention it to their friends and basically, do the promoting for you. Word-of-mouth never disappoints.

Finding a chat group with a topic related to your channel and becoming an active participant will give you the opportunity to share your channel and gain new subscribers. Special groups only for the purpose of promotion in which everyone just exchange their links also exist.

Buying bots or real Telegram accounts are other ways to add to the number of your members. Bots would not view your posts or engage in your content in any way; they are only for the purpose of having more members. You can also buy real Telegram accounts which holds the same advantages as a bot but they are also real people who will view the posts you share.

Paid advertising is another widely used way for getting more members. Publishing ads in Facebook or different catalogs such as Tgstat (the most famous one) can help you get genuine members. On average, 0 to 500 users are gained by paid promotions; although, your ad content, channel content and call to action matter.

After gaining a satisfying number of members, you need to start working on not losing them because that will drive you back to the first step. Keeping your members is even more important than gaining new ones. Try to keep your content up to date and offer interesting information at all time.

Try to make a good reputation for your Channel/Group since once your content goes boring, it is hard to bring it back to the game and gaining interest back all over again.


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