How to use Telegram for content promotion

Telegram is a popular cross-platform messaging app founded by Russian entrepreneurs Pavel and Nikolai Durov. Reports state that by 2021, Telegram has over 550 million monthly active users. Telegram offers a wide variety of features to its users such as secret chat, bot, channels and unlimited server storage which WhatsApp –Telegram’s biggest competitor- is lacking.

These brilliant features grabbed marketers’ attention to this app during the past year and made Telegram a widely used social media app for content promotion. However, it is essential to know how to use its marketing tools to get the most out of it.

Channels come so handy regarding marketing in Telegram. A channel is somewhat similar to a group that can accommodate an unlimited number of members. The difference is that only the admin can post content and the other members are only able to view the posts and this actually gives quality a significant value. Basically, if the quality of your content is not high enough and you struggle to satisfy your audience, you will get canceled.

Besides promoting on your channel, you can reach out to already famous channels to promote your content there. You will be charged a fee but if you choose the right channel that suits your needs, it is going to be worth it.

Telegram does not charge the admins for posting on their channels for any amount of posts. It also easily allows them to monitor the number of viewers. If you have more than 500 subscribers, Telegram will enable you to track other information such as the number of users who join, leave and mute your channel, the way followers found your channel, the way followers interact with your posts and even the languages your subscribers speak.

Every business should have a strong customer service that enables them to contact the company in case of any issue. You can use Telegram Chatbot which is a virtual assistant that imitates real conversation with a client based on a pre-designed scenario. The power is in your hands to teach your Chatbot what type of information or assistance.

If you want to use your Telegram channel to promote your content, you need to promote your channel as well. Social media networks are an amazing source of leads. You can promote your channel on your own social media feeds, ask friends and family or even pay to promote it on accounts with a lot of followers. You can also use Instagram and Facebook ads to promote your Telegram channel. You will be paying for this method, though.

Influencer marketing is a really hot topic in the marketing world right now and you can take advantage from it too. Choosing the right influencer that suits your goals is truly important but if chosen right, the outcome can be significantly pleasing. If you sell a product, the influencer can recommend your product and then share your social media handles. Depending on the number of the influencer’s followers, the price differs and in some cases it can be really expensive.

Keep in mind that growing a Telegram channel requires dedication and being up-to-date. Your subscribers expect good content from you and if you give it to them and satisfy their needs, they will stay loyal and help you reach your goal!


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