How to make a Telegram chatgpt bot


ChatGPT is a chat bot made by OpenAI that was released on November 2022. The bot uses supervised learning and reinforcement learning to generate highly accurate responses to almost any question in different scientific realms. The bot is able to solve complex programming problems and is also capable of writing well-thought essays.

Its improvisation skills in becoming a concern for programmers and journalists as it might eventually cause them to get replaced by ChatGPT.

By visiting ChatGPT and registering an account, you will be able to use this large language model for free.

2. Installing chatgpt-telegram and starting to use it.

There is a GitHub repository named chatgpt-telegram written in Go programming language. All you need to do for using it is to download the release corresponding to your operating system and continue the installation process already well-written in the repository readme file.

You will need a bot token to be able to run it which is easily obtainable via Telegram official bot father

3. What are the use cases for a Telegram ChatGPT bot?

The bot’s ability to generate accurate responses makes it an excellent choice for a Telegram admin bot.

3.1 Crypto/Forex Trading Groups

ChatGPT is able to generate trading strategies for you. One of the use cases for a crypto/forex trading group would be asking it to generate strategies and to later analyze the strategy with other Telegram group members. Here is an example of what the bot can do: 

3.2 Programming Groups

The bot’s ability to write complex code and fix bugs has drawn attention of programmers at the very first day of its release. ChatGPT can be used to fix programmers bugs in Telegram programming community groups or to help students write their coding assignments.

3.3 Art and Literature Groups

Being able to write songs and plays, ChatGPT’s innovative nature makes it a great Telegram bot assistant for art and literature students, helping them kickstart creating and modifying artworks. Below is an example of a play written by ChatGPT!

3.4 Travel Groups

ChatGPT can act like a travel assistant that has visited almost everywhere!

By offering you places to visit, the experience you might get traveling to new places and making vocation plans, its a great choice for a Telegram traveling group admin that guides other members for a better traveling experience.

Here is an example of the bot suggestions for a traveller in London.

3.5 Mental Health and Relationships Groups

There are many Telegram community groups where people ask for advice regarding their mental health and their relationships with people they interact with.

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